When you're broke, regardless of how you got there, having to find the means to pay for food, shelter, clothing and medicine can be difficult enough.

Unfortunately, for several months of the year in Maine, you also have to worry about freezing to death, and heating your home is not cheap these days.

That's where the Knights of Columbus come in, and just in time, as the Thaw Fund operated by the Washington Hancock Community Agency (WHCA) is empty.

We've been reporting about the great need in Hancock and Washington counties, particularly following the additional hardship brought on by the Christmas week ice storm, and WHCA'S efforts to help folks in need.

Grand Knight, with council 1036 of the Knights of Columbus in Ellsworth, Chris Whalley says this is the third year the Knights have produced the event "To Warm a Winter's Night" in conjunction with many area musicians, and The Grand in Ellsworth.

"The picture is grim," states Whalley. "I know the THAW Fund is empty, again."

Susan Farley with WHCA contacted us last week saying as of January 1st, the THAW Fund had already dispersed 60 thousand dollars to folks needing assistance, and many of those reaching out for help thought they were going to make it through the winter without assistance, but the ice storm created an additional burden for them.

Whalley says they still have sponsorship opportunities for this fun evening filled with music, and all information can be found, as well as tickets for the event, through The Grand in Ellsworth.