On November 8, 2013, at 8pm Eastern Time, the National Geographic Channel will air 'Killing Kennedy,' the story of the assassination of President John F Kennedy, our nation's 35th president. Actor Rob Lowe has taken on the role of JFK, and many are already applauding his performance before the airing of the show. In the promos that are airing, it's pretty obvious that he has nailed the voice and mannerisms of JFK. But playing such a part I'm sure is a bit unsettling, as controversy still surrounds that tragic day on November 22, 1963, in Dallas Texas.

I was four and half years-old at the time JFK's assassination, but like indelible ink on my brain, I remember hugging my mother as she cried in front of our old black an white TV set as the sad news was delivered by news legend, Walter Cronkite.

Will we ever know the truth about the killing? Did assassin Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Was there another killer on the grassy knoll? So many questions have yet to be answered, but after all these 50 years, we all just may owe a debt of gratitude to JFK. It's believed we may have escaped a nuclear catastrophe of unprecedented scope.

We learn from researchers and political pundits that the Cuban Missile Crisis was averted thanks to JFK. If Nixon had been elected and faced the same crisis, we could very well still be feeling the after effects of nuclear devastation.

ABC News has the 'Killing Kennedy' interview with actor, Rob Lowe: