Kenny Chesney has certainly earned his title of superstar, with sold out stadium shows and loyal fans who take tailgating to a whole new level! But I remember when Kenny was new to country, recording for Capricorn Records, and being largely overlooked by radio. But Nashville was paying attention.

Kenny released an album with Capricorn in 1994 called "In My Wildest Dreams," which included the song "The Tin Man." In less than a year, Capricorn closed it doors, which could have left Kenny out in the cold. But BNA records signed him and, in 1995, he released album number two, "All I Need to Know." The rest, as they say, is history!

It was around this time that BNA Records flew a bunch of radio programmers, me included, to Myrtle Beach to see Kenny in a new artist showcase. I've been a fan ever since. He was awesome! And I fell in love with this song, "The Tin Man." Check out this video and see Kenny as a youngster! WOW!

On my way home from that showcase, I ended up sitting next to Kenny on a 20-minute flight to Charlotte. It's one of my favorite memories from this job. I don't care how big a superstar he becomes, I'll always remember that sweet, funny guy who laughed with me as we tried to punch the straws through the juice boxes the flight attendants handed out!

Welcome to Bangor, Kenny! We're happy you're here!