"She was a big star at Banana Joe's bar where
She sang karaoke everynight
She said if you work hard to get where you are it feels good in the hot spot light
She was a big star"

Remember that line in Kenny Chesney's song "Big Star?"Well, this girl that wanders up to a Karaoke machine in a mall is living the dream!

This attractive young woman kind of blends into the background when she first starts singing "I Will Always Love You." But pretty soon, she has everyone stopping to listen to her beautiful voice! Don't you just wish you could sing like this? I know I do!

Since this video hit YouTube, the singer, Zendee Tenerefe has found her 15 minutes of fame, including dancing on "Ellen." Zendee isn't new to performing. She actually made it partway through the auditions for the "X-Factor" but was cut before the show went to air. But hey, if you can't get people to notice you on TV...there's always YouTube!