Okay, the first thing you gotta do is check out the promotional YouTube video of the 2013 Victory Judge motorcycle...go ahead, I'll wait.

Oh, good, you're back. I thought maybe you might have gone out to test drive that bay boy. Many avid motorcyclists have been chatting about the Judge as of recent. The first thing that's notable about the Judge is that it's American made. You probably recognize the name Polaris. They've been making Victory motorcycles since 1998, and they've done a heckuva job. Since the launch of their first bike, they've been impressing many a motorcyclist with style, handling, and power. And yes, there have been a number of Harley owners that have made the switch. And for the record, I'd still love to have a Harley or two in the stable.

But you gotta admit that the looks of the Victory Judge screams muscle, baby. It packs a 4-Stroke 106 V-Twin engine, and a 6-speed overdrive transmission. Even the stock pipes give it a unique sound that perks up the 'ol ears of anyone within close proximity.

Now, if I can get you to stop drooling for a few minutes over this bike, there's something pretty serious you need to consider...not everyone is suited for the Judge. The shorter in stature you are, the more you will struggle with the handle bar grip placement and the foot peg location. Just check this video from VOG.net:

So the bottom line? Don't let some slick salesperson sell you a bike telling you that you'll adapt to it. If it's not comfortable from the "git go," you might wanna consider something else. Modifying a bike to make it fit you better is possible, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

The jury might still be out on the Victory Judge, but for me the case is closed--I want one. I just need to persuade the "honey bun." And after 28 years of marriage, my persuasion ability has dwindle a bit--pray for me.