I grew up in the small town of Millinocket, just about an hour north of here, where Baxter State Park was the back drop of my childhood, and country music, as much as I didn't want to admit back then, was very firmly planted in my life!



For those of you that have lived here for a long time, or have been here you're entire life, you may very well remember 'The Curly O'Brien' show that aired on WLBZ-TV before moving to the new WEMT-TV Channel 7 Bangor for years! I will always remember going to my grandmothers house for lunch on Sunday, and it was always at 12:00 noon on the nose, as my grandfather was unquestionably from the old school, and lunch was a must at 12:00!!!

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Then, after my grandmothers amazing meal, we all gathered around the TV set...and no, HD was not even heard of then, to watch the show which now was airing every Sunday afternoon at 1:00 on WVII-TV7 Bangor, featuring my Aunt Jackie, Uncle Curly, my cousins Mamie, Nate, Cheri and 'Buzzy' aka Phil Jr. would also make appearances. Plus my aunt's puppets, which as a child we we're absolutely in love with! Plus, little did I know at that time, some pretty big names in the country music business that included Yodelin’ Slim Clark, Dick Curless, and Hal 'Lone' Pine.


So, as I grew up...my love for country music grew, and did the respect for my very musical family, which I'm very proud to say...I'm a part of...and wouldn't have it any other way!