She's a superstar! But deep down, she's just a regular young woman who will flip out over her idols. When "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence was at Comic-con in San Diego over the weekend, she accidentally photo-bombed Jeff Bridges, as he was giving an interview. The result is hilarious! And really adorable.

Jennifer Lawrence has plenty of people falling over themselves for her after she struck gold playing Katniss in "Hunger Games." Jim and I originally became fans after watching her play "Ree" in a movie called "Winter's Bone." It would be easy to think she's such a big star that she would be blase about meeting someone like Jeff Bridges.

Not so! About two minutes and thirty seconds into this series of Comic-con interviews, Lawrence is caught on camera running up to Bridges...and then running away when she realizes he's being interviewed! Bridges is gracious about the interruption of his camera-time and seems quite flattered! Then again, why wouldn't he be? She's young, talented, and gorgeous!

I will tell you that, as someone who's met a lot of Nashville singers, everyone has THAT person. The one that will make you turn to jelly. Will tie your tongue. And will make you blush later when you're home alone and remember how you reacted. For Jennifer Lawrence, that person is obviously Jeff Bridges!