The state of Maine has the distinction of being the oldest state in the nation in terms of its aging population. That would make you wonder why there hasn't already been a proclamation declaring seniors as one of the state's most valuable resources.

One Bangor publisher teamed up with a state representative and they decided a special tribute to the contributions of Maine seniors was long overdue, and they set out to drum up support for the idea to have an official day set aside to honor and celebrate Maine's senior citizens.

Publisher of Maine Seniors Magazine, David Nealley, says the publication came into existence after determining there was a void in the marketplace that could be filled with entertainment and enjoyable content, along with good information, for all seniors in Maine.

"They [seniors] are the leading philanthropists, they not only help financially keep our organizations strong, but they help immensely through their volunteering to these organizations. In fact Maine's volunteer rate is at 34 percent as compared to 29 percent nationally, and that's directly attributable to our senior population," states Nealley.

This Spring Governor Paul LePage made it official by singing into law, Maine Seniors Day, which was pushed through the state legislature by State Representative Dick Campbell of Orrington.

"So now, every year, we will officially celebrate Maine Seniors Day on the second Saturday of September, which this year falls on September 14th," Nealley proudly proclaims.

Maine Seniors Magazine features the accomplishments of Maine senior citizens in segments such as Prime Movers which will soon showcase well-known Bangor businessman Sid Epstein, who'll be celebrating his 100th birthday soon.

"Every month in Maine, 660 people a month reach the retirement age of 65, and they're living healthier lives, and living longer," states Nealley.

What will you do to honor our senior citizens on Maine Seniors Day?