Most of us have done least once in our lives, whether it was on our own, or coaxed by friends after one too many adult beverages, but however it's come into play, Karaoke has been done by almost everyone, and it's a lot of fun! So welcome to 'National Karaoke Week!'

Being an avid music lover and performer all through my school years, the natural progression was, sing in a band after high school, which I did with a few different bands, Xidus, and High-Fidelity just to name a few, then it was on to bigger and better things, a better way to show off my vocal abilities, it was time to shine with Karaoke!!! I began working for a company called RAC Entertainment out of New Hampshire, that had massive Karaoke shows all over the country that included the best equipment going with the music being played off of Video laser discs, these were about the size of a standard record, with the music, lyrics and video all played on monitors, including projection screens in all of the venues that I played including The Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle, where on Karaoke Thursday, if you weren't there by 7 PM, you weren't getting in the door, to NCO Club at Loring A.F.B in Limestone Maine, where our military members were able to show off their hidden talents, to locations all over New England and even in New Brunswick Canada, Karaoke was a huge hit wherever we went! Now, Karaoke is a common form of entertainment in cities all over the globe, and it's the same today as it was when it first began, there are those that really can sing, and those that can't...and those are usually the ones that want to sing the most, and make a night of Karaoke very entertaining!! If you've never had the opportunity to sing like no one is listening, why not get out and celebrate this week 'National Karaoke Week'

As I said there are those that can really sing Karaoke...

And then those that really shouldn't...

And if you thought I wasn't going to add one of my own, you're mistaken...Enjoy!


Wanna try Karaoke in your own home? I suggest click the picture below and have a blast, in the privacy of your own home, before you take your show on the road!







After practicing at home, head out and find a local Karaoke spot to showcase your talent!