In 1988, I was training in martial arts, Tae Kwon Do specifically, and when you're passionate about such things you get excited about experts in the field and movies depicting the real thing. Actor, Steven Seagal, whose martial arts skills are legendary, was and is one of those experts.

You may recall that he starred in a movie called 'Above the Law.' It was his first action movie of many to come, and my sons and I completely wore out the VHS copy in the machine. Even today if it's on a cable station I'll take the time to watch it.

Seagal has always taken martial arts seriously. Many have been trained by him, including officers of the law in a number of states. Even now there's an action TV series on the ReelzChannel called 'True Justice' that depicts Seagal and his trademark, bone-snapping talents.

But there are those that question his abilities. Is what he does in front of the camera to be taken seriously? Well, during a recent interview with Piers Morgan, he's asked if he's ever been challenged in a bar situation. His response is classic.