How many times a week do you ask yourself this? Is it Friday yet? Some weeks go by so slowly that you ache for that Friday-morning-feeling. I have a special reason for feeling that way this week, and have found a website that can keep me on track.

Jim and I got a new puppy this week. HIs name is Copernicus (Cappy) and he's a Chocolate Lab/Jack Russell mix. He's very cute....and very sweet....and not with us yet! Cappy will come to live with us on Friday so......I can't WAIT for Friday!

Out of curiousity, I Googled the sentence "Is it Friday yet?" and, of course, came up with plenty of links. But one really made me laugh. This site will keep you straight about what day it is, for sure. So..the answer is no, it's not Friday yet....but Friday's coming! Happy Wednesday!