As I follow the continuing story of Dakota, a husky sentenced twice to be euthanized for killing another dog, I can't help but feel sadness for all the people involved in the case.

Some stories really stick with you when you work in news. For me, this is one of those stories. Putting on my news hat, I'll report that Dakota has received yet another stay of execution as his original owner has filed an appeal of the death sentence.  He had received the original sentence after killing a neighbor's pug and then going back to injure the same neighbor's new dog. He was pardoned by the Governor, but a second trial upheld the original sentence. And now, there's going to be another appeal. Dakota's current owners learned the news as they were waiting at the vet's office for the Alaskan Husky to be euthanized

Now, taking off the news hat, let me speak from the heart about the folks involved in this case. First, there's Dakota's original owner, who probably thought he was saving Dakota's life by turning him over to the Humane Society after the two attacks. He didn't tell the shelter staff that there was a pending court date, probably hoping that Dakota would get 'lost in the system.'

Then there's the woman who adopted what she perceived as a sweet Husky who had passed all the shelter's aggression tests. She had no idea of the case against the dog, and is now dealing with the emotional roller coaster of whether or not her dog is going to be put to sleep.

And finally, the family who lost one dog and then had their other dog injured by Dakota. I can't imagine the emotions involved in something like that. I'm sure they want justice for their animals. But they, too, are riding that roller coaster.

Understand, this article is all opinion. I haven't met any of the parties involved in this case. I just feel for them deeply, as someone who considers her own dogs to be family members. There are no easy answers here. I just wanted to call attention to the fact that this is about more than Dakota. There are people involved, who are caught up in a nightmare that's making it impossible for them to move on with their lives. Many of us, who are following the story, are heartbroken for you.