As a frequent user of apps like Snapchat I thought sending photos with a message was as good as it got, but after using this new app, I am hooked!

This amazing new way to get social with friends and family is unlike any app I've seen before. MSTY (My Song To You) is allows you to combine photos, text and now music to send a completely unique multimedia message.

For example, it's graduation day but your Aunt Debby can't be there to celebrate with you because she is scared of flying. Don't let Aunt Debby feel left out, instead snap a pic of you in your cap in gown, type a quick "Miss you" message and add Pink Floyd's tune "Wish You Were Here" to let her know she is not forgotten on this special day.

Just a few minutes ago I sent a picture of my cat's eye to my friend with the song "Eye of the Tiger" playing and then wrote "Get it?"

It's fun, it's convenient and who doesn't love expressing how you feel with music!?

I haven't even mentioned the best part yet. Would you believe this awesome app is free? Well it is, which means there is no reason to not get it.

MSTY is available for download now on the app store and google play.