Have you seen the newest feature on Google? It's called "Google Nose" and it enables the user to sample all sorts of smells! Ever wonder what myrrh smells like? Do you love the smell of a library? You'll find it all now at Google Nose!

I love Google! I can find anything there. When people call me and ask for a song, but they can only remember the lyrics, Google has the answer. When I needed the phone number Saturday for a local restaurant, Google found it for me. I've even typed in ingredients I have on-hand and found great recipes on Google!

Well, now they've taken this one step further with Google Nose! Smell-o-vision is something that's been talked about for years. And now Google has figured out how to make it a reality! Those silly Google people...they sure know how to have fun! Watch the video and click here for more details on Google Nose!