I remember as a young teen in the 70's in Presque Isle, Maine, my friends and I would head to the closest basketball court, inside or out, for a few games of hoops. And everyone once in a while we'd head to a certain elementary school outside court to goof around dunking the ball. The hoops were only seven feet off the ground. I know, right? We'd holler the names of famous players while jamming that bad boy through the net--Bird! Chamberlain! Irving! Jabbar!

Yep! We thought we were pretty hot stuff. But today's hoops are a totally different beast. There's some talent out there that just defy the laws of physics. When a certain play or move takes place, you shake your head and say, "What?!! I gotta see that again!"

Case and point? Indiana Pacers guard, Paul George. Check out the absolutely insane dunk--a 360 degree, through the legs, windmill dunk. It happens quickly, so watch the entire video. It's only a bit more than minute long. It's the second attempt you'll need to watch closely.

Amazing! Or in the modern vernacular: Sick!