I believe that the Christmas season that many of us grew up with, with all the songs, traditions, and family memories, things that we treasure in our heart, are slowly fading away into obscurity. 'Holiday' is the normative word that has now replaced Christmas. No longer can songs that point to Christ be sung in schools and many other places, in fear that others of a different faith will be offended. Nativity scenes have been relegated to dusty old attics or landfills where they'll forever remain out of the sight of non-believers.

Well my friend, the foundations of this great country were God and Christ centered. It is my faith, and Christ in three persons is the focus every December, and even in the off season for that matter. The traditional Christmas that many of us love and enjoy must now be fought for. And honestly, if you're offended, well that's just too bad. This is our season, our tradition, and you better believe we'll celebrate singing Christ centered songs at the top of our lungs.

With that said, here's one of my favorite videos of a  flash mob singing a montage of Christmas songs. Watch as many shoppers stop to sing songs that they know by heart. Why? Because those songs have been a part of their upbringing, in church and school. And pay close attention to the ending--shoppers will actually kneel as Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus make an appearance. It gets me every time.