Check your backseat, if you're the person who gave a ride to two Canadian woman, back to their hotel. You might find a phone that one of the women needs back!

I had a phone call Friday morning from a Canadian woman who had lost her iPhone. We're not usually a "lost and found" kind of station, but I really felt for this woman. She's visiting from Canada and was thrilled when a woman offered her and her friend a ride back to their hotel after the Dixie Chicks concert. But when she got back to the hotel, she realized that she'd left her iPhone in the backseat of the woman's car!

To add insult to injury (as my Mother would say), she tried calling the phone, but it's going straight to voicemail, so it's obviously out of power. The ringing phone could have alerted the driver to the fact that there was a phone in the backseat. She says the phone contains some information that's invaluable (only to her...not like directions to buried treasure) and she'd really like to get it back.

So, if you're the woman who gave these two ladies a ride to their hotel, and you find the phone, call the hotel where you dropped them off. I assume she's left a message at the front desk to have the call forwarded to her. For her protection, I'm not revealing the name of the hotel, so she doesn't get inundated with phony calls. And, let's face it, if you dropped her off you already KNOW the name of the hotel. Right? Here's hoping the wayward phone finds its way back to her!