We've all had the opportunity at one time or another to watch models, both men and women, walk down the runway in the latest fashions. And I think you'd agree that some of the fashions are out of this world strange-oh.

I remember a hat that a lady wore at a royal wedding a few months back that resembled a toilet seat. Did you see it? It looked really comfortable as a toilet seat, but certainly not as a hat. I labeled it as a "two-magazine" seat/hat. Of course the first bozo that doesn't follow the women's rule of "Be a Sweetie, Have a Seatie," will destroy that puppy in a hurry. But I digress.

In my daily web-surfing efforts I stumbled across yet another piece of oddness that comes right out a Stephen King nightmare: The Hug Me Jacket for lonely guys.

Can you buy one you ask? Well I'd have to first question your fashion sense. But if you're dead set on researching the Hug Jacket, here's the link: Hug Me Jacket Good luck!