It was a historic moment this week when Comedian/Actor/Game Show Host Howie Mandel shook Jay Leno's hand on national TV. Why? Because Howie is a notorious germophobe who does NOT shake hands with anyone. All it took was a little persuasion, a little guilt, and a BIG bowl of Purell!

By now, I think most people probably know about Howie's aversion to germs. It's why he always does the fist-bump rather than shaking hands. Rumor has it that he refuses to wear hospital gowns. (can't really blame him there!)

Howie suffers from mysophobia, which is a pathological fear of contamination and germs. He revealed on the Howard Stern show that he shaved his head, not as a fashion statement, but because he feels cleaner without hair. Mandel takes medication for his condition and now often jokes about it.

I love this clip from 'The Tonight Show' when Jay asks Howie to shake his hand. His immediate reaction is to sit on his hands! Check it out! History in the making!