How would you get out of your home if fire broke out? The Veazie Fire Department is recognizing fire prevention week by encouraging everyone to have an escape plan for your home. It might just save your life and the lives of your loved ones!

It's easy to do. Just make a rough map of the inside of your home. Then mark two exits from each and every room. It's important to have TWO ways out, because your primary exit may be blocked by smoke or flames. When your map is complete, hang it on the front of the refrigerator, where everyone can see it. And keep a copy outside the home, maybe in your car or with a neighbor. Be sure to include the number for the fire department and your address. It's easy to forget numbers like that when you're in a panic.

Designate a meeting place outside and away from the home, where everyone will gather when they get out of the fire. This will allow you to do a headcount and know that everyone made it out safely. Your meeting place could be under a tree, at the end of the driveway, or at a neighbor's house.

And finally, practice! Get everyone in the family used to the escape plan so that, if there should ever come a day to put it into practice, it's routine. You don't actually have to go out the windows, but have drills where you review the exit plan. This is especially important for small children, but also for adults.

Everything changes in a fire. Your house will no longer look like your house. And fear, panic, and adrenalin will prevent you from being able to think clearly. If your exit plan is practiced and learned, it will make escape much easier.

Questions about how to make an escape plan for your home? Call your local fire department!