Americans are showing more of an interest in poutine.

Poutine is a Canadian dish made up of french fries and melted cheese curds topped with gravy.  If you're from Aroostook County you already know what poutine is!

Google says that in July of this year more people in the U.S. had searched out poutine than ever before, and that it's been gaining in popularity for the past two years.

I had no idea what poutine was until 2011 when Ashley Hebert of Madawaska, the then Bachorette from the ABC reality TV show, brought her boyfriend home and fed him the gooey stuff.  He had no idea what it was as did most of America.

Then just this year the Cross Insurance Center unleashed it's new signature burger the "Penobscot Poundah" which features poutine,

How many calories are in poutine?  I don't want to know!!

By the way it's pronounced "poo-teen."  Not putin, as in Validimer, the Russian President.