We're having professional photos taken this morning, and I hate having my picture taken. I never like the way I look in pictures! Which is what it really comes down to, right? So I googled "How to be photogenic," and came up with some great tips!

WikiHow has some suggestions that make sense...like accepting that you don't have to be beautiful to be photogenic! It's more about being able to work the camera.

Clothing is important. Black, red, and white are bad since digital cameras can have a tough time with them. And black or white is too much of a contrast. No horizontal stripes!

Complexion and grooming is also important. Women, apply your make-up carefully and hide whatever flaws you can. Comb your hair!

Be conscious of your smile. Don't smile "too much" or show too many teeth!

Posture is also important...and using camera angles to help hide a double chin.

Okay, so.....I'm wearing blue....combed my hair (and have a comb in my pocket). Can't do anything about the double chin...but I'm reasonably relaxed and have confidence in the photographer. So......let's do this!! (Yikes!)

(Sometime later...............)

Okay, back from the photo shoot. Thanks to Monty Rand for making it easy!