Tyler Farr is defending his title this week for our Hot Hunk Monday Poll. Last week, he beat out Chris Young. But this week, he has some tall competition...literally! Tyler is competing against Trace Adkins this week and, so far, he's not...umm...measuring up! Vote now!

It was a close vote last week, with Tyler taking only 56% of the votes. Of course, we pitted two relative newcomers against each other. This week, Tyler is taking on one of Country Music's sexy veterans.

Trace Adkins' fans are showing the love this week in a BIG way! As of this morning, Trace has 93% of the votes over his Hot Hunk opponet, Tyler Farr! But take heart, Tyler fans. It's still early. You have all weekend to vote for your favorite guy, so get voting!

We don't declare a winner until Monday, so it's not over yet. Who's your favorite? Does the bad boy image of Trace curl your toes? Or do you prefer the wholesome Tyler whose warm eyes and brilliant smile light up a room?

Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. The first of next week, we'll declare a winner and he'll go on to meet a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!