Trace Adkins won last week's Hot Hunk Monday poll with, surprisingly, very little competition from Blake. Now, he's facing off against another bad-boy type, Eric Church! And so far, Eric isn't holding his own.

Trace ended last week taking 81% of the votes against Blake Shelton. A huge number of fans came out for Trace, and kept him in the lead all week, despite a very decent showing from Blake's fans. Is Trace unbeatable? He's already defeated Tyler Farr and now Blake Shelton.

This week, he's facing off against an artist I consider to be the ultimate bad boy. I mean, he made a hit in Country Music out of "Smoke a little Smoke." Eric started playing guitar and writing songs at 13. He played some rough North Carolina bars in his formative years, and broke up with his fiancee when her father tried to force him into a corporate career. His shaggy hair and scruffy beard are not your conventional country-boy-next-door looks. But the smoldering dark eyes behind often-present shades definitely give him a sexy air.

So far, Eric is having trouble. Trace currently has 95% of the votes. Ninety-five percent!! Eric Church fans, he could really use your help!

Will Trace take another week, without much competition? Or will Eric's fans rally and put him in the lead? That's up to you! Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. Next week, we'll declare a new winner and he'll face off against another opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!