Scotty McCreery has won 5 Hot Hunk polls in a row so, this week, he takes on the super-champ, Chris Young. Vote now!

As always, Scotty McCreery fans came out in large numbers to vote for their favorite guy. He took 75% of the votes last week to defeat Eric Church and win a place against the semi-retired super-champ.

Chris Young had a surprising victory over Keith Urban in January to become our new super-champ. Now, he sits on the sidelines, just waiting for someone to defeat five hunks in a row and then take him on. And his first (and possibly only) opponent is Scotty McCreery! With the amount of loyal fans both these guys have, it's going to be a fun week of competition!

Remember, you can vote repeatedly all week long. We'll reveal the winner and then start over with two fresh competitors on Hot Hunk Monday!