It's Hot Hunk Monday! This week, we pit last week's winner, Randy Houser, against country superstar Tim McGraw. Who's the hotter country guy? That's up to you! Vote now and as often as you like all week long!

Randy Houser took 58% of the votes against Justin Moore last week. I like Randy's casual good looks. He's not too pretty, not too buff, he's just a sweet, cuddly-looking guy. The kind of boyfriend you'd love to bring home to the family!

If there's one thing Tim McGraw is proven to have (besides an amazing voice) it's versatility. Tim can carry the bad-boy image so very well with the black hat tipped low, tight t-shirts, and painted-on jeans. But he can also fit the image of suburban dad (as proven in the movie 'The Blind Side'). Put him in a tuxedo and he's elegant! I know we're all looking forward to seeing Tim on the Bangor Waterfront again!

So who do you find hotter? Will Randy's simple style stack up against the McGraw charm? That's up to you! Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and face him off against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!