Keith Urban has done it again, but just barely! Keith beat out Brad Paisley last week for the Hot Hunk title, but it was about as close as it could be. This week, he's facing a new opponent, the very sexy Jake Owen and, so far, he's winning! Who's your favorite? Vote as often as you like for your pick for Hot Hunk!

Keith has had quite a run, beating out Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, and now Brad Paisley! Last week was close, however, with Keith taking only 51% of the votes! This will be Keith's last week, even if he wins. I'll retire him after five wins and then, if anyone else should get five wins, we'll pit them against each other! As for Jake, if he loses, I'll pick two completely new contestants. So he needs your votes to continue!

Keith is leading the race, at this point, with a whopping 95% of the votes! I'm beginnng to believe he's unbeatable! It's up to Jake's fans to prove me wrong!

So...who do you think is hotter? Will Keith win for a fifth time, or will Jake finally be the one to take away the title? It's up to you! Remember to vote as often as you like, all week long. Next week, we'll have two more Country hotties facing off for Hot Hunk Monday!