It's Hot Hunk Monday! Last week, Joe Nichols absolutely refused to let go of his reigning champion status and didn't give Toby Keith a chance. So this week, Joe is meeting a new opponent - Brett Eldredge! Vote now for your favorite!

Joe Nichols obviously has a solid fan base because they're not letting him even drop back a little in the running. Despite my interference by posting pleas on Twitter, Toby Keith only garnered four votes in the poll. That's not four percent...that's four VOTES. Ouch!

Can Joe keep the momentum going against the very sexy Brett Eldredge? Brett has the most amazing blue eyes! And I love the sweet smile!

The video has both guys in a fun concert moment. Joe is in the white t-shirt on the left and Brett is in the dark shirt with the gray/green jacket over it, to the right. Sorry it's a Christmas song, but it's all I could find!

So what do you think? Who's the hotter country guy, Joe or Brett? It's up to you! Remember, you can vote as often as you like. We'll reveal the winner next week when we face them off against another country cutie on Hot Hunk Monday!