It's Hot Hunk Monday! Once again, Keith Urban holds onto the title as the Hottest Hunk, so far. Keith came out of semi-retirement to take on another five-time winner, Alan Jackson. But, as usual, Keith held onto his lead. This week, we're asking who's the hotter guy in Lady Antebellum, Dave Haywood or Charles Kelley? Vote for your favorite all week long!

Lucky Hillary Scott gets to sing and travel with these two country hotties all the time. Two very sexy and very talented Nashville stars. But we usually think of them as a group. Who are these guys? And which one is more likely to curl your toes?

Wesley David Haywood started his life in North Carolina and then moved to Georgia. His parents, who were very involved in music with their church, taught him guitar and piano. While he was in middle school, he was in a band with Josh Kelley and met Josh's brother Charles. Two years after graduating from college, the two men put Lady Antebellum together, along with singer Hillary Scott. Dave's shaggy, dark hair and close-cut beard give him a very approachable look.

Then, there's the other half of the group.Blonde, blue-eyed Charles Kelley grew up in Augusta, Georgia, where he and his brother Josh formed a band together called 'Inside Blue.' They cut a CD that gained some attention from a major record label. Although Kelley met Haywood in high school, he worked in construction and as an accountant before moving to Nashville with his brother. It was there that Lady Antebellum was born.

So what do you think? Who is the cuter of the Antebellum boys? David the dark, or Charles the fair? Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. We'll reveal the winner on Monday and pit him against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!