It's Hot Hunk Monday and we have two brand-new opponents facing off this week and the voting is close! Who do you think deserves the title of Hot Hunk, Chris Young or Tyler Farr? Vote as often as you want, all week long. The winner will face off against another sexy guy next week for Hot Hunk Monday!

Keith Urban won the title easily last week with 96% of the votes! That made five straight wins for Keith, so he's been retired with his Hot Hunk crown. If we have another hottie who wins five weeks straight, we'll pit him against Keith for the title of Super-hunk! In the meantime, we have two brand new contenders this week.

I'm a little amazed by this week's results so far. I mean, Tyler Farr is brand new to Country, while Chris Young has been around a little longer. But Tyler is holding onto, and even extending, his lead! As of this morning. Tyler has 54% of the votes! Now, that's not a huge lead, so it's still anybody's ballgame. The final decision is up to you!

So what do you think? Who should win this week's title? Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. Next week, the winner will take on a new opponent for Hot Hunk Monday!