It's Hot Hunk Monday! (sort of) I was out sick yesterday, so this week's poll is a day late. But no matter, as far as last week's results are concerned. Dierks Bentley was no competition for Brad Paisley! So this week, it's Brad squaring off against Toby Keith. Who's sexier? That's up to you!

Brad Paisley earned a whopping 96% of the votes last week over Dierks heavenly blue eyes. He's tough to beat, I have to admit. Brad's got that smart-ass best friend thing going for him. You know the type. The best friend that you have all through your childhood and then regret that he's a buddy once he grows up to be gorgeous!

I tried to think of someone who could give Brad a run for his money and I came up with Toby Keith. Toby hasn't been on the Hot Hunk Monday poll in a while, so it's time to bring him back and see what he can do! Toby definitely embodies the 'bad boy' where Brad is more of a 'boy next door.'

So which type curls your toes? Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. The winner will be revealed next week, when he'll be pitted against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!