It's Hot Hunk Monday and, with another win under Keith Urban's belt, we start fresh this week with a whole new poll featuring Billy Currington against Brett Eldredge. Vote now!

Once again, Keith Urban came out the clear winner as our semi-retired super-hunk. Luke Bryan won five in a row, but he couldn't defeat the Aussie, so Keith goes back into a holding pattern until our next five-time winner.

Billy Currington is on our HHM poll this week, with his wild hair and even wilder ways. He inhabits the term 'bad boy,' especially after some legal trouble with a neighbor who kept buzzing by his place on a boat.

Then there's his opponent, Brett Eldredge. He's more the 'boy-next-door type.' I mean, he took his Mom to a recent charity ball! And he's always posting pictures of himself with family.

So what do you think, who's sexier? Remember, you can vote repeatedly all week long. We'll reveal the winner next week and pit them against another cutie on Hot Hunk Monday!