It's Hot Hunk Monday once again and that means it's time to pit two more country hunks against each other for the weekly title! Alan Jackson beat Darius Rucker last week, but it was a close race. Can he do it again this week against newlywed Rodney Atkins? So far, it's neck and neck!

Alan Jackson has already beat out two hot country guys - Darius Rucker and George Strait! His long, lanky good looks, and quiet demeanor make him a prime hot hunk candidate. Not to mention that sexy little grin of his!

But again this week, he has some pretty adorable competition! Rodney Atkins has such a clean boy-next-door look. But add in the hat and he borders on bad-boy! Last month, the very sexy Rodney dropped off the market when he wed Rose Falcon in a beachside ceremony. And he showed his pride in this new bride by sharing their wedding video!

When I went to bed last night, Rodney had about 53% of the votes. Early this morning, they split the votes at 50% a piece. And now, Alan is in the lead with 53%! I'm getting a crick in my neck from watching this lead bounce back and forth! It's awesome!

So what do you think? Who deserves this week's title? It's up to you. Vote as often as you like all week long. Next week, we'll reveal the winner and he'll face off against a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!