It's Hot Hunk Monday once again and the winner from last week? Tim McGraw! So this week he's defending his "Hot Hunk" title against Country cutie Luke Bryan. Who do you think is hotter? You have all week to vote!

It was exciting last week, with the votes swinging wildly between Tim and Kenny Chesney. Tim took an early HUGE lead, but then Kenny overtook him with a large lead as he came to the Bangor Waterfront.

Kenny making history in Bangor just made people vote for him more and he held onto that lead for quite awhile. But sometime over the weekend, Tim's fans rallied and put him ahead, although not by much! Tim took a mere 51% of the votes, while Kenny had 48%.

So who will it be this week? Tim is trying to defend his title against someone younger, whose popularity is soaring right now - Luke Bryan! Do you think Luke is hotter than Tim? If so, vote now! If you want to see Tim hold the title for another week, this is your chance to help him out. Just remember, you can vote as many times as you like all week long. Next week, the winner will take on a new opponent on Hot Hunk Monday! Get voting!

Oh yeah, and don't forget, while you're here, to enter for that awesome Luke Bryan Flyaway Trip!