It's Hot Hunk Monday! And what a contest it was last week! Two five-time winners were pitted against each and their fans turned out big time. Ultimately, after a very close week of voting, Keith Urban defeated Trace Adkins. Once again, we're retiring the super-hunk until we have another five time winner. So it's on to two new opponents this week. Who's sexier? George Strait or Alan Jackson? So far, George is in the lead!

Last week, we saw the biggest turnout of voters in the brief history of the Hot Hunk poll. An amazing week! Trace started the week with a whopping 95% of the votes but the dedicated members of Monkeyville rallied around their favorite and put Keith in the lead. By Monday, Keith won with 64% of the votes!

This week, we're starting over with two more super-sexy Country guys. George Strait has been a country sex symbol since he released 'Unwound' in 1981. His handsome cowboy looks, amazing voice, and super-blue eyes made him an instant favorite. And after all these years, he's still one of the hottest guys in country.

George's opponent this week is the long and lanky Alan Jackson. The fair-haired crooner hit the scene with his first single 'Blue Blooded Woman' in 1989. Long legs, with knees often peeping out of his ripped jeans, shoulder-length golden hair, and long eyelashes have kept women's hearts skipping a beat ever since.

So far, George is in the lead with 67% of the votes! It's still early, so Alan still has a chance of catching up. But that's up to you!

So who do you think is sexier? Remember, you can vote as often as you like, all week long. We'll declare a winner next week and face him off against another opponent on Hot Hunk Monday!

And while you're here, take a minute and enter to win tickets to see George Strait, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill at Gillette Stadium! It's George's final tour, 'The Cowboy Rides Away,' so you don't want to miss it!