October is Horror movie season in my house. Jim and I try to watch as many horror movies as possible, all month long, in celebration of Halloween. Our work schedules have made it tough for us to watch too many this year, but we did catch 'The Possession.' A fairly creepy movie that had a good cast!

This film follows a pretty typical path of sweet-child-turned-evil. But the method is interesting. While the movie boasts that it's "based on a true story," it's actually just the legend of the box that's real.

The antique box in the movie is based on the story of the Dybbuk box, a wine cabinet which is said to be haunted by a dybbuk. According to IMDB, the cabinet was purchased by a Polish Holocaust survivor when she escaped to Spain. It's said that it was kept in her grandmother's sewing room and never opened because it contained a demon from Jewish folklore, known as a Dybbuk. The box was eventually sold on E-Bay by someone who said strange things had been happening in their house since purchasing the box at a flea market. It was this part of the story that inspired the film.

The 2012 movie stars Kyra Sedwick and Jeffrey Dean Morgan star as divorced parents raising two daughters. Dad takes the girls to a flea market, where the 10-year-old picks up this cool-looking antique box. The trouble starts when the box starts talking to her.

Any movie where evil spirits inhabit children is creepy to me. And when the little girl is sitting with her Dad, eating french fries, and innocently asks "Can I have more? She's still hungry," it sent chills skittering down my spine!

Overall, it's a pretty solid thriller. Not a lot of real "scares," but it will definitely give you the creeps! Especially the MRI scene. Yikes! Perfect for the Halloween season!