As I scanned movie titles on Netflix, I came across 'Rosewood Lane,' written and directed by the same guy who did 'Powder' and 'Jeepers Creepers,' so it has to be good, right? Plus, it centered around a radio psychologist. I was very intrigued! And then, I was very disappointed.

The story of 'Rosewood Lane' centers around a spooky paperboy. The central character moves into her childhood home after her father falls down a flight of stairs and is killed. The old man next door warns her about the paperboy, telling her that there's something 'not right' about him.

Had the paperboy been a boy of, say, 10 or 12, I think this would have been an effective movie. But the actor, Daniel Ross Owens, was 28 when they made the movie. So...he's 28...he lives at home with his parents...and works as a paperboy? Throughout the movie, they refer to him as a boy and even a minor, but he's clearly a man. That casting choice, in my opinion, changed this movie from a supernatural thriller into a stalking flick. And kind of a boring one at that.

Rose McGowan, who plays the lead, is a good actress, and did her best with this script. But it's just so convoluted that it's impossible to figure out exactly what's going on. I won't give the ending away, but suffice it say that it will leave you wondering exactly what the heck just happened. I actually enjoy horror movies with a weird twist at the end, but I don't enjoy movies that have no real ending. No real resolution. 'Rosewood Lane' is definitely one of those.

I loved the movie 'Powder.' And I nearly asked Jim to turn 'Jeepers Creepers' off because it seriously freaked me out. Lots of great tension and it was just scary! I'm not sure what happened to Victor Salva here. It may be that, because Salva is a convicted sex offender, he's not allowed to work with children, and so had to cast an adult in the role of the paperboy. Whatever his reasons were for the way this movie was put together, I just can't recommend it. If you're looking for a scary Victor Salva movie, try 'Jeepers Creepers!'