It's horror season month at our house. Jim and I watch as many horror movies as we can each October. There are many that we just can't get through, because they're too stupid. And I have to admit, we almost turned off 'Paranormal Activity 4' last night. But then...we got totally hooked!

Now, I'm not a fan of the whole 'reality horror' genre. To me, it's like watching a big game of Where's Waldo. I mean, you're constantly scanning the screen to catch the subtle events, like a pot falling off a holder, or a chair rocking. This movie, like the others, starts off very slow and takes too long (in my opinion) to set up the family situation. Jim and I were just about ready to turn it off and find something else....and then....things picked up!

This movie begins a few years after the second installment of the series left off. It's five years after baby Hunter's aunt abducted him and disappeared. The story centers around a family of four who have a pretty normal existence, until a woman and little boy move in across the street.

Unlike some of the previous movies, this one has some talented actors.They come across as very "real," which pulls you right into the plot. And there are some pretty decent scares in this one that had me jumping out of my skin, at times. Awesome!

I think the best part of this movie is the fact that there's no warning when something's about to happen. In most horror movies, you get a little inkling from the change in the music. But in these, it's quiet....sneaking through a quiet house or opening a door. You'll find yourself, if you're anything like us, yelling at the screen, telling the teen girl to "get out" or "don't go in there!" (oh my....what was she THINKING?) I'm glad I didn't pay money at a theater to see this, but for a movie night at home, it's great fun! Check it out!