If you're a dog lover, I think you'd agree that there's nothing like the loyalty and companionship of a dog. The family dog is the consistent in our hectic, daily lives. They love us unconditionally, even when the whole world seems against us, and they are a source of great comfort and joy in our most difficult times.

Shirley and I have two dogs--Maggie and Baxter. Maggie is a Welsh Corgi-English Pointer mix, while Baxter is a Miniature Pincher. Both have unique dispositions. They make us laugh more often than not. And I'm sure that if either one of us needed help, they would react instinctively to help in the best way they know how. It'll be a sad day when they finally pass on.

Certainly there's a reason why I'm sharing this personal side of my life. Yesterday I came across an article of suicidal man who passed out on railroad tracks. His dog worked desperately to get him off the tracks as a train approached. The dog didn't give up and died. The owner survived.

Read about it here and be sure to give your dog an extra treat tonight: Heroic Dog

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