We have a new television addiction in our house. It's the Netflix original series 'Hemlock Grove.' Awesome monster story! If you like vampires that don't sparkle and werewolves that aren't as big as horses, check it out!

Netflix really amazes me these days. When I started with Netflix, it was just to get their movies delivered to my home. But now, they're not only offering online streaming for their movies, but they have also started developing their own unique series.

Jim and I love a good monster flick, but we'd resisted 'Hemlock Grove' because, seriously, how good could it be, right? But one night, we decided to give it a shot. And I'll be honest, we watched the entire first season over the course of a few nights!

Watching the transformation of one character into a wolf was reason enough to get hooked, all by itself. Very well done! But in addition, there's a lead character who isn't sure what he is yet...and his mother who no one's sure exactly what she is for a while. Her daughter who is a Frankenstein-type character and is named Shelley (for author Mary Shelley - get it?). And that's just the tip of the iceberg. My personal favorite is the gypsy Peter Rumancek.

I'm also impressed with the cast. Famke Janssen of 'X-Men' fame, Dougray Scott ('Mission Impossible II,' and 'Ever After'), and Lili Taylor ('Mystic Pizza,' and 'High Fidelity'). Not too shabby for a company that used to be known just for letting you keep DVD's longer than a week!

Watch the trailer to get a sneak peek and then check it out on Netflix! I'll warn you, the show is for adults (definitely R-rated) and the trailer has some strong language and brief nudity. I hope you love the show as much as I do!