I think that many would agree that we are spoiled Americans. If you're like many across this great land you got up this morning to a warm house, a hot shower, a decent breakfast, clean clothes to wear, a car to get you to work, and...well, you get the message. But for some reason our kids are slow to catch on to the fact that they have it pretty darn good. And every holiday season those greedy little buggers get the gimme, gimme's. I think it's time to help put things into perspective for them by introducing Mama Melody and her Cheapskate Family.

Mama Melody and her husband will do their laundry outdoors with buckets and a plunger; they'll concoct corn cob, Mountain Dew, and Root Beer Jellies just to name a few; Mama Melody has worn the same over sized 'Croc' shoes for many years; and the list of cheapness goes on and on.

Mama Melody and many others are part of a TLC Network show called 'Extreme Cheapskates.' What people will do to save and scrimp (some would call resourcefulness) can sometimes be just plain nasty.

Check out a preview, and make sure your kids watch: