Danielle Bradbery is the latest winner on 'The Voice', Billy Gilman had his very first hit, that went to #2 on the country charts at the age of of 10, with "One Voice". Now, after listening to "Heart of Dixie", I couldn't help but think vocally it had the same sound as another song, and then it hit me!!! Billy Gilman, at the very young age of 9, had a smash hit with 'One Voice" even receiving accolades from Vince Gill at the CMA Awards one year as being "the only male singer that can sing higher than he can" Well, after hearing the two songs side by side, I think the vocal qualities are eerily similar...but don't take my word, listen for yourself!

Now, listen carefull to the mix of the two voices, and tell me if I'm crazy or not! It could be the meds I'm on...but I think you just may agree with me!

Check out both videos for both of these amazing songs done by young and very talented artists!


"Heart of Dixie" Danielle Bradbery













"One Voice" Billy Gilman