July 9th Birthdays read like a list of Hollywood's Who's Who! They include Oscar Winner Tom Hanks, TV's Jimmy Smits & Fred Savage, Actress Kelly McGillis from 'Top Gun'. Actors Brian Dennehy & Jack White, Bangor Mayor Ben Sprague...plus former Football Star and now Lovelock Correctional Resident #1027820 O.J. Simpson and of course ME, yes, I share this July 9th Birthday with many great people!  But we're here to say Happy Birthday to country singer David Ball!

David Ball is a country singer from the 90's who gave us some great music, and on this 9th Day of July, as he celebrates, let's celebrate with some of David's best!

  • 1

    Riding With Private Malone

  • 2

    When The Thought of You Catches Up With Me

  • 3

    Thinkin' Problem

  • 4

    Look What Followed Me Home