What's the first thing that a lot of guys do when a woman walks in the room? They generally pull that gut in, right? C'mon, don't deny it, you're embarrassing yourself.

Here's the honest truth: most dudes sport a ponch, some more so than others--like the guys in the pic. I have one, although not severe. This morning I checked in at 172 pounds. I'm 5' 9", so I'm of average weight for my height. But come the end of winter I'll have packed on a few more pounds increasing the mid section considerably.

Now, I exercise a few times a week, and I stay pretty active, but I just can't get that belly down to 'model' status. Honestly, I gave up about 30 years ago. What can I tell ya, I like burgers and deep fried foods. But as I learned today, there are some ways to hide the beer holder.