I think that guys have a tendency to stick their foot in their mouth more often than women. Ladies, am I right?

Why do we do it? I have no idea. I'm no scientist. But it must have something to do with our DNA, or the couple of beers we threw back just before we open our 'pie-holes.'

I remember one time I complimented a female friend on her pregnancy...she wasn't pregnant. Yeah, I know. It was stupid. But rather than risk the chance of inserting the other foot into my mouth by saying something like, " Gee, Planet Fitness has a great promotion going on," I just turned beet-red, made reference to the time, and hoped that I'd never run into her again. Unfortunately, I did...awkward.

I only wished I knew how to recover, or how to avoid embarrassing moments like that all together.

Well, fellas, there's good news. I found a video that may be helpful.

Watch and learn...