I'm a landlubber. It wasn't until I was 9 years-old that I actually got to dip my feet into the ocean at Riverside beach in Rhode Island, and again at the age of 13 at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. Suffice it to say, my experiences with the ocean and the life that dwells within is limited. I'd say pretty typical for a 'county boy.' And I even remember once when I was 20 years-old that I got invited out on a lobster boat ride in Bar Harbor, and soon became the laughing stock of the crew when I screamed as a porpoise jumped out of the water beside the boat--I hollered 'shark.' Yep, I felt like an idiot.

But can you imagine if you're a tourist on a boat, and all of a sudden a Great White Shark decides the only thing between him and you is the inflated pontoon, and he commences to eat it to get to you. It happened in South Africa.