The dangers for soldiers abroad are still a true and present reality. Afghanistan continues to be a military hotspot that is claiming the lives of soldiers and civilians alike, daily. For military families back home, they hope and pray their loved one comes home in one piece. But sadly, news of yet another fallen soul is delivered all too often. You can imagine the horror of getting a letter or visit from military command concerning your loved one. But even in the  midst of carnage and tragedy, remarkable stories come that touch the hearts of all who see and hear them.

Josh Hargis, a soldier serving in Afghanistan, was severely injured when a woman detonated a vest filled with explosives near him and his comrades. His friends died, and he was hanging onto life. After a few surgeries, Hargis lie in a hospital bed surrounded by his soldiers, a Purple Heart ceremony was being conducted, which is part of military tradition even in his condition. Hargis was thought to be unconscious, but what happened next moved everyone to tears.