Has a teacher ever contacted you because your child just doesn't seem to sit still during class and has trouble focusing? You're not alone. Is your child constantly in motion? Mine too! My 6-year-old gets up from the dinner table to dance and swing around between each bite of food. It's one thing to act that way at home among family that loves her. But what about in the classroom? 

Think about what the playground looked like at your school when you were a kid. Notice how some of that fun equipment is now missing from your child's playground? Ever heard your child complain because recess is too short?

We need to remember that playtime is just as important to a child's ability to learn as having a fully belly is to focus on school work. For anyone with a fidgety kid, I found this article that I thought might help ease your mind. Reading it won't magically make your child more calm in the classroom. But maybe it will help you have more patience and understanding, and you can pass this information on to your child's teacher as a friendly reminder.