Can you imagine, you pull up to a pump and someone you don't know walks up and asks if they can pay for your gas? The guys at Giveback Films are at it again, giving back to their community. Each week, these young men find a new way to share their own good fortune with others. This week, they're hanging out at a local gas station, paying for people's gas.

I started following Kyle, Robert, and Andrew and the YouTube Channel known as 'Giveback Films' a few weeks ago. Kyle explained in the first video that I watched that they've been more fortunate than most, and so they want to find ways to give back to those who maybe have not been so blessed.

Each Monday, the guys upload a video to YouTube after doing some sort of good deed in the community. So far, they've given $100 bills to the homeless, paid for other people's drive-through orders, and tipped a waitress $200. And this week, they're making a trip to the gas station a lot less painful.

I love these guys because they're a nice reminder of the importance of giving back. Maybe you can't hand out $100 bills or pay for everyone's gas. But I'm sure if you think about it, there are all sorts of ways that you can brighten someone else's day. Whether you call it giving back, paying it forward, or random acts of kindness, the world needs more of it!