I have to stop watching these videos while I'm on the air. It's tough to go on the radio and sound professional when you were just bawling over a sweet and touching video! The guys at GiveBackFilms are at it again, finding ways to help the less fortunate in their community of Salt Lake City. This time they go above and beyond to help a homeless family get back on their feet!

In the past, we've watched these guys hand out hundred dollar bills to the homeless, buy drive-through orders for others, and tip a waitress two hundred bucks! They also did a great video where they interviewed some homeless people, asking them how they ended up on the street, and then surprising them with a couple hundred dollars.

Each Monday, the guys post a new video. I was on vacation last week, so I missed this one. But it moved me so much, that I just had to share! The video revolves around a couple and their four-year-old daughter Heavenly, who are living in a shelter after both Mom and Dad lost their jobs.

The filmmakers and some other community members join forces to give the couple makeovers and set them up with a job interview. And that's only PART of the generosity bestowed on this couple!

Get the tissue box and then check it out. The world needs more people like the guys from Give Back Films!